Principal Bih Hua visits former teachers

While visiting family in the USA, Principal Bih Hua had a chance to have dinner with some of our former teachers, Katie, Adam, Jody and her husband, Oliver.

It was a great time to catch up on all their news. Katie is expecting her first child this summer. She also received her master’s degree at Columbia University last summer. Her husband, Adam, is an assistant principal at Academy of the City Charter School, Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Jody and Katie are co-teaching Grade 1 to 3 at a prestigious kindergarten and elementary school. Oliver is doing well producing a music album and performing.

We are so happy to hear that our teachers are doing so well and still have great memories of their time at Cornel.

They also mentioned that having taught at Cornel gave them a many advantages over other candidates when applying for jobs.