Learning English in Cornel

Tom Liao


Cornel’s graduation autography book still lyed in front of my desk with its silver frame and colorful covers shining brightly, recalling the dream-like memories deep in my mind…….


Though the memories in the past are already misty, I could still remember the determinedly face of my parents. It was them who insist that I should study in such environment, built up by English~ If you ask me what the differences are between Cornel’s kindergarden and others, I will have to declare that when other kids were slowly learning Chinese words, I was already capable of speaking several English sentences fluently~~~

Elementary school

After entering the elementary school, I chose to stay in Cornel to acquire English in-depth, as a result, I would ought to attend in Cornel’s lessons at night. Certainly, there have been someone who questioned me if such movement would influence my schoolworks, and “ no “ would be my only answer, for I still maintain good grades at school. Sacrificing the relaxing time at home, my old classmates and I diligently listened to every word foreign teachers taught, did exams of all kinds such as vocabularies and spellings, and above all, communicate with each other only in English. All those lessons make me feel I was living in two worlds, which was separated by the teaching mode, however, I wasn’t exhausted at all but treasure the sweet memories a lot. It not only establish my English basis, but also help me cultivate the interest to English, making English my favorite subject at school. In addition, we also showed our learing results in “Open house”, exhibiting our speaking ability by playing several fantastic dramas and so on. That was always the proudest time during the whole semester, enabling us to believe that we were different from general students in some special ranges~

Junior high and after

After gaining the admission to the junior high, lots of my classmates took off due to the consideration of time. Terribly sad as I was, I refused to leave, having made up my mind to keep enhancing my English ability. At that time, lessons have been entirely changed, which worked much harder on our remembrance of vocabularies and essay writing. The only content which remained was the speaking and listening of English, for they were Cornel’s aim deserving us to pass them down. During the school time in junior high, I have occurred several conflicts with teachers simply because I couldn’t think in their ways when solving English questions. Nevertheless, who cares? In the final exam, I still got full grades in English and successfully entered my ideal senior high! And don’t forget, besides being good at taking exams, we possess the most potential weapon — English communication ability~ With it, we could enrich our minds and broaden our horizons by connecting with the world!!! So who said that studying in Cornel will be useless???

Come join in us, and you will find it easier to achieve your goal!!!