Good News to Share~~

Cornel School’s alumni – Erh Kang Yeh has successfully risen to the top of Wall Street, achieving the prestigious title of Managing Director (MD) the highest accolade in the global financial sector. From now on, the sky’s the limit for his achievements. He now has boundless opportunities ahead of him, and his potential is limitless. […]

Feedback from Aidan’s Mom of Xiaoban

Feedback from Aidan’s Mom of  Xiaoban. Because of you, we feel more motivated to continue moving forward.

Thanks for cornel

Dear Principal BihHua, Happy Dragon Boat Festival! Annie has graduated, and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to you for establishing Cornel School, where her language skills were nurtured. It enabled her to earn a Master’s Degree in Creative Art Therapies from Concordia University in Canada and secure a job as a psychotherapist […]


I attended Ronnie’s wedding last Friday. It is the most amazing wedding I’ve ever been. Ronnie and his four siblings attended Cornel at 2. Now they are all grownups, very successful and outstanding in all aspects. They all came back to Taiwan to work after they finished their Master’s or PhD. They told me that […]

Parent sharing

I still remember when my daughter was in kindergarten. At the time, there were many other English schools that were far more beautiful in terms of facilities or campus, but the qualifications of foreign teachers and the full English teaching environment promoted by Cornel was the tie breaker, I decided to give Cornel a try! […]