Parent sharing

I still remember when my daughter was in kindergarten. At the time, there were many other English schools that were far more beautiful in terms of facilities or campus, but the qualifications of foreign teachers and the full English teaching environment promoted by Cornel was the tie breaker, I decided to give Cornel a try!
I remember when my daughter first started school, she cried every day, but the foreign teachers persistently told stories and sang English songs to calm her down. I felt embarrassed but also admired at the same time. The Chinese and foreign teachers were able to work as a team and create such a good learning atmosphere allowing the children temporarily forget about their sadness and briefly enjoy the fun of learning under such a high-stress environment. The Chinese and foreign teachers also encouraged and told us about our child’s both academic physical progress in the assignment book everyday, which made us feel at ease and relieved. I remember one night she started singing a few lines of English songs and spoke a few English words in her sleep, I was really amazed by it. I was even more certained that she had gotten used to and liked English. Gradually, I started to have our daily conversations with her in English. Every day she insisted on listening to Rainbow Time before going to bed, even when traveling abroad, because she liked and fell deeply into it, therefore she could fully enjoyed it so much.

The foreign teachers at Cornel school each have their own specialties. Some teachers are very good at drawing, some are good at singing, and some are very good at performing arts. When it’s time to switch teachers every year, it’s like opening a box of chocolate, we don’t know what we will get but we look forward to it. The teacher’s expertise is applied to the course, making it richer and more interesting. The progressive teaching method of foreign teachers, listening, speaking, reading and writing, allows my daughter to learn happily without feeling pressure. One day my daughter brought back an article (she was in Daban class at the time) and I was truly amazed. I couldn’t believe that children of Dabn classes could have reached such ecademic level. The following courses, the eight planets on our solar system, animal conservation, water cycle, are all incredibly amazing sessions . It turns out that the children can fully understand and learn very well if a perfect learning environment is developed.

At Cornel, teachers treat students as friends. They discuss and learn together, and can inspire different sparks from each other, which is really valuable. Due to my husband’s work, our family needed to move abroad for a while, therefore we had to choose an international school. During the admissions interview, my daughter confidently answered the examiner’s questions, leaving a very good impression, and successfully passed the document review and interview. My daughter was admitted, I was both happy and worried, could she really study here? Sure enough, I was overthinking. She really fit in like a fish in water. Because of the foundation laid by Cornel, many people thought she must have studied in America. Recently, she did a semester report. The school invited parents to participate in their presentation. My daughter held her first English presentation, walked us through her project structure and the research she did. She executed the presentaion perfectly, flawlessly with great skill and precision. I was really moved. After leaving the school, I immediately sent a message to thank the foreign teachers who had taught my daughter and Principal Bih Hua as well. Cornel is truly a caring school. Thank you, Cornel, for nurturing my daughter and giving her a great start. I hope those of you who choose Cornel will have more moving stories in the future.