I attended Ronnie’s wedding last Friday. It is the most amazing wedding I’ve ever been. Ronnie and his four siblings attended Cornel at 2. Now they are all grownups, very successful and outstanding in all aspects. They all came back to Taiwan to work after they finished their Master’s or PhD. They told me that they are very thankful for Cornel’s help to build a solid foundation in their education, and they will send their own kids to Cornel in the future. At the wedding the other former Cornel parents were sitting next to me. Their four children also grew up in Cornel. Christine just graduated from Harvard University’s Business School and Immunology Graduate school. Sharon will graduate from MIT with an MBA degree and Harvard Kennedy School next year. Their brothers also graduated from Rice graduate school and will return to Taiwan to work with their father next month who is one of the top five architects in Taiwan. I am so proud of being the founder of Cornel which has helped many kids to have a successful startup.