The Choice Of Life

One of our good friends passed away in sleep alone in a hotel room on a business trip abroad last Monday. His death shocked everyone because he was too young to drop his earth life and moved on. Our friend was a well respected scholar, a dearly beloved husband, father and friend. His life was at its peak, but it vanished just like a shooting star. His death made me think hard on the meaning of life.

We cannot control the length of the life, but can we control the width of the life? We cannot predict what will happen in the life, but can we prevent from doing anything which might make us regretful in the life?

I am an ordinary person but I have a great passion about life and I really hope that I am versatile and I can bring happiness to others. I always admire friends who are experts in different fields and I always enjoy people who are positive and humorous. I found there are so many things I can learn from them.

My friend’s death has brought endless pain and sorrow to his family and friends, but it also alerted me how unpredictable life is. I cannot change what already happened in my life, but I can decide what to do at the current moment. I am blessed to be able to fulfill many dreams in my life and I hope I can continue to do it.

My friend, Fu-Mei urged me to share my thoughts with the public. She wants me to give speeches and to write. I know Fu-Mei over estimated my ability, but my friend’s death made me even more anxious to do things I love.

I don’t know what the future will hold, the only thing I can do is to live out every minute I have.

Bih-Hua Chen
August 1, 2009