Speech for Graduation Ceremony 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to our 19th Kindergarten and 13th Elementary graduation ceremony. Today I brought three gifts for everyone. The first gift is the brochure entitled ‘A Twenty-five-year Experiment’ written by myself. I am very happy to tell you that the experiment I started twenty-five years ago has recently been successfully completed. The findings have proved my hypothesis is correct: The Earlier, The Better In Learning English. All of you who are sitting here have played very important roles in my book because you have spent two to ten years at Cornel. I want to thank you sincerely for being so faithful and supportive. I want to tell you that your hard work will be paid off soon because Cornel has prepared your children well to be outstanding global citizens. Their future is promised because they will be able to present themselves confidently in any situation they are in!

The second gift is the new school in Gung-Yi. We have received approval from the government to open the school. Thanks to all the Hueijhong parents for your perseverance in sending your children to Nan-Men for this entire year after we closed up the Hueijhong campus. Your patience and trust has touched my heart and it is the reason I established a new school specifically for your children in your neighborhood. It is my hope that your children can enjoy their studies without too much traveling. Cornel is the best school and it will always be the best as long as we work together hand-in-hand!

The third gift is that we will collaborate with two well-known public elementary schools, Da-Tung and Kuo Kuang, to help them with their English Education Program. We have confidence that these two schools will be role models for all the elementary schools in Taichung in terms of English education. We are also very happy to announce here that we will collaborate with Ming-Dao high school to send our best graduates to study in their exclusive program designed for high achievers.
In the past, there were many schools’ principals that approached me requesting for cooperation. However, I never agreed to do it because I could never accept anything which is not the best. I am glad that the time has come and we will help our students to find a better stage in their lives when they will outshine their peers. In years to come, they will play important roles in the international society. We hope they will still remember today and the time we spent together talking about how to fulfill their dreams!

Today we have prepared a very interesting program for you. The theme is ‘So Cool At Cornel School’. Our kids will share with you all their wonderful memories at Cornel. As usual, the kids take the lead in everything you see today. All the script was written by them and we have translated it into Chinese for our guests. Even though it is just a booklet of today’s program, it is a very precious gift for your kids to keep forever.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all the Cornel staff for their excellent contribution. We can never keep Cornel on the cutting edge without our wonderful staff. Please give them a big round of applause to thank them for their remarkable dedication to Cornel!

Bih-Hua Chen
June 13, 2009