Senior Super Stars, Role Models

The news about the senior super star talent show/competition was exciting. It caught the public’s attention, for it was the first time the government organized an interesting activity which could finally benefit senior citizens directly.

The problems of an aging society have become serious. Senior citizens and their grown-up children have to deal with daily anxiety. Due to more advanced medical care, average life span has been dramatically extended. There are many senior citizens who are still in good health, but live an empty life. They have little to do but expect their children to pay a full attention to them. Some seniors even expect to be treated as king, just like the elders in ancient times. Tension is built and conflicts occur. The younger generation gets stuck because they barely have time to take care of themselves, but at the same time they are blamed for not keeping the company of their elders.

The senior super star talent show/competition opens a door to ordinary families and gives them some hope. The event might help seniors to think young and live young again. The ones who were professional performers before they retired can prove they have the skills; the ones who have never performed can find their hidden talents. This kind of activity also helps the younger generation feel less guilty because their aged parents will be busy preparing for the talent show and won’t demand full attention from them.

However, while the talent show is important .the competition is too tough if amateurs have to compete with professionals. The purpose for the senior super star show/competition is to encourage seniors to rebuild their confidence and rediscover the pleasure in life. Thus, it is better that the government set up two categories in the competition to distinguish professionals from amateurs. Hopefully through the competition, professionals will find that they are still as good as they once were; amateurs will see that they are just late achievers; and the younger generation will be freed from spending all their time with their aged parents, enabling them to better manage their busy lives. When everyone is happy, society will be in harmony. Isn’t this what the government works for?

Bih-Hua Chen
October 17, 2010