Imani Brown


Pace University-Business Administration


Hello, it is so nice to meet you, my name is Imani Brown and I am thrilled to be a teacher here at Cornel School. I was born and raised in New York in the United States and graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor in International Management, and just finished off my graduate Teaching Certification in Elementary Education K – 6 from The University of North Carolina Charlotte. After I graduated from undergraduate school I really wanted to work abroad so I moved to China, received my TEFL certification, and began my teaching journey as an ESL Instructor. After almost a year in China and a year in South Korea, I returned to America where I enrolled in a graduate program to become a licensed Elementary Educator before I found a place here at Cornel.

My experience as an ESL Instructor, tutor, and student-teacher have all taught me more and more about what kind of educator I strive to be. I have had the pleasure of working with students from different countries and cultures, from age 1  to 53, and each student has taught me the joy of being able to assist in their pursuit of knowledge. I make it my primary goal to meet each student where they are and do what I can to help them reach their goals, no matter what those goals are. I pride myself on fostering a classroom environment where every voice is heard and each student is respected. My motto is “If I am not having a good time, then neither are you.” So I always try my best to keep the lessons as engaging and concise to follow as possible. I want each student to understand and benefit from the materials without having to repeat it too many times because I have lost their attention, but rather because they are asking questions.

Outside of the classroom, I find myself having a difficult time choosing just one thing to do as I have many interests I would love to pursue. Traveling is one of my favorite activities and I always enjoy learning about cultures and languages different from my own. I hope my time in Taiwan will assist in bettering my Mandarin and possibly my Japanese as well.  During COVID I bought a sewing machine and roller skates but didn’t use either as much as I had hoped, but that should change soon. I absolutely love taking walks outside while listening to music and trying new cuisines whenever the opportunity arises.