Distinguished Alumni Sharing

We are so proud of our Cornel alumni and the success they have made from their hard work and dedication.

Ronnie and all three of his brothers returned to Taiwan after they completed graduate studies and worked for a few years for some
prestigious companies. Now all of them are very outstanding young entrepreneurs in Taiwan. Stephanie just received her PhD from an American medical school.

Christina completed graduate studies at Harvard University and raised $46 million USD as a startup right after she graduated.

Her sister, Sharon is currently an outstanding graduate student at MIT and Harvard. Her excellent performance got attention from her professor who was the Finance Minister during the Clinton administration and offered her help to write a letter of reference any time she needs.

Her brother, Regina introduced his professor, the chairman of Architecture graduate school in Harvard to Taichung city mayor to remodel the airport and build a new town around it.

We are so happy with their success and feel very proud of Cornel for being able to build a solid foundation for those nine children!