Dance out my life – Preface

The year of 2010 is just like wind blowing over my face. Just when I realized it is here, it is already gone.

When I look back at what I did this year, I find I spent most of my time dancing, reading, writing and exercising on top of running schools at full speed. I am very happy that I have fulfilled my New Year’s resolution to be a good dancer. Even if people cannot tell the difference when they see me dance, I know I have been transformed.

It might be difficult for people to understand why I am so serious and stubborn about dancing. The reasons are simple. I used to live for other people but now I want to live for myself. I lost the opportunity to dance when I was young and I don’t want to lose it again now that I have finally found good teachers. Besides, I saw many people whose lives became miserable after they achieved everything they set out to do. Instead of enjoying the fruits of their hard work, they got lost. They complained about bad health, distant children, and many other things which have made them unhappy. I hope I won’t become one of them. I find dancing keeps me happy, healthy and fit. I want to prepare myself to dance to 100 if possible.

However, it takes great effort to achieve my goals. Everyday I huff and puff in front of the mirror doing all sorts of exercises in order to build up my strength. I practice basic dance walks hour after hour alone in the dance studio. There are also movements I just cannot do no matter how hard I try. I have to admit that there were many times I almost gave it up but I am glad that I continued. I have written down all these happy and sad stories because I know there are many people going through the same lonely route in dance. I also hope that my testimonials can help society better respect sport dance. It is embarrassing to show people my imperfections, but I know when I can face my own weaknesses I am growing strong.

I have tried my best to complete all the articles, and I would like to thank my family for their love and support, my dance teachers for their patience and understanding, my friends for their companionship and my staff for allowing me to spend time doing what is important to me. Most importantly, I would like to thank my best partner, my husband Shyi Dong who has sacrificed his weekends and burned the midnight oil to work in order to squeeze time to dance with me. Last but not least, I would like to thank our teacher, Mr. John Evans for editing my writings. John was a professional journalist in America. His professionalism helped make my articles look better. Thank you all for helping me fulfill my dream.

Bih-Hua Chen