A Loner

It was a Sunday afternoon. The land was scorched by the sun, and the air was sticky inside the auditorium. It was a perfect day to stay at home in the cool air-conditioned room enjoying the Super Bowl on TV; but the four-thousand seated auditorium was fully occupied while there was still a big crowd outside waited to come in. It was a speech given by Mr. Yen, President of the World tourism Society. It was said in the paper that President Yen had just undergone major surgery recently. Regardless of the doctors’ warning, President Yen insisted on giving speeches around the country to share his perspectives of life. Obviously, President Yen was not fully recovered. He looked very weak and tiny on the huge stage, but the thunderous applause roared from every corner of the auditorium and covered up his low voice from time to time.

President Yen is a legendary man. His success as a great writer, speaker, businessman, and philanthropist has made him one of the most influential men in Taiwan. He started his career as a bellman at a local hotel, but he has become the President of World Tourism Society. Now he is considered as the Godfather of the tourism industry in Taiwan.

Years ago the tourism industry in Taiwan was very primitive and it even carried a dirty name because it was usually connected with sexual service. As a bellman he swore that one day he would make it different. It was a joke for a bellman to have such a big dream, but he made it. He has successfully led this industry to a new era. His hard work has not only helped Taiwan become visible in the world, but also inspired others to transform their own tourism industry. However, it was a dreadful path for him to take. Over those years, people just mocked him for his unrealistic thoughts. He was such a loner.

Sitting in the packed auditorium, President Yen’s words pounding heavily on my heart. His mission and his dreams have been fulfilled with perseverance. His contribution to the society is significant.

President Yen’s speech made me think hard. I have taken dance lessons for nearly 13 years. I love this sport dearly but I am very disappointed with what I see in the dance world in Taiwan. How I wish it could be improved. In the past, partner dance was forbidden by the government because it was considered immoral. Fortunately, the sport dance (International Standard Dance) was introduced to Taiwan finally, but the majority still has a wrong impression of it because it is partner dance. It is very disappointing to see all the problems in the dance world in Taiwan. Instead of complaining, I have recently decided to volunteer my time to promote sport dance by serving as the President of Chinese Sport Dance Association. However, I found I was such a loner. It is frustrating when you see problems but other people don’t, when you know what can be better but people disagree and when you see opportunities but others don’t believe.

President Yen finally won the respect from people who were strongly against him and he has done a great job for the tourism industry. Will I be able to do something for the dance world in Taiwan? I wonder.

Bih-Hua Chen
June 21, 2010