Rachel Adams


University of Wisconsin-MadisonーElementary Education

ESL Certificate (English as a Second Language)

Hello, my name is Rachel Adams and I am very eager to be teaching in Taiwan.  I grew up in rural Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Elementary Education and dual certification in English as a Second Language.  After graduating from college, I taught fifth grade in an urban school.  I am grateful to have teaching experiences from linguistically and culturally diverse schools and to have the opportunity to continue teaching and learning abroad.

I greatly enjoy learning about my students’ cultures, languages, and talents and positively incorporating them within our classroom.  My ultimate goal as an educator is to provide a happy and healthy learning environment where my students can strengthen the skills needed to reach their fullest potentials.   I am deeply motivated by my students’ future successes to provide them with the best education that I can offer. Having times of fun and rigor can be expected in our classroom!

Outside of teaching, I love spending time outdoors.  Some of my hobbies include: biking, walking, kayaking, singing, and seeing live music.  I am hopeful to gain more interests and hobbies while living in Taiwan.