Cornel Updates & Christmas Greeting from Teacher Jilda

Dearest Cornel Family and Friends

The year of 2010 began with the news of a new, modern and big campus opening on the opposite side of Taichung in the new area close to Tiger City and Mitsokoshi malls on ShangAn road. Cornel now boasts three campuses: Nan Men, GongYi and ShangAn.

Another new and innovative collaboration happened between Cornel and Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Cornel is able to move forward with the times using the internet and becoming digital in the classrooms.

We hosted visitors from a Teachers’ Training College from Japan in March; and they were duly impressed with the school, the students and the teachers.

Cornel continues to impress on radio and in magazine with the innovative and successful Rainbow Time program. Storytelling thrills and teaches hundreds of students in the community at the cultural center, AIT and elementary schools of Taichung. The Cornel reputation still impresses the country with our students doing so well in speech contests and the like, and some students moving on to successfully study in the USA.

Once again the end of the school year (June) brought with it the sad farewells. We said goodbye to Molly, Heidi, Jody, and the other teachers who have not been at Cornel that long, but still were an integral part of the Cornel ‘family’. Of course at the same time we were once again happy to welcome the new bunch of talented and adventurous teachers as usual.

All our functions and parties were
highly successful once again this year with a special mention of our public Halloween party in ‘Statue Park’ which was a grand success – attracting a very large crowd of people.

We were so happy to hear of marriages and births, here at Cornel and amongst all the Cornel ‘family’ spread all over the world.

Joseph Lawrence married Lucy (both from Cornel)

Jeff Holmberg married Veronica (both from Cornel)

Katie Carlson married Adma Hunt (both from Cornel

Megan Czaplicke (2005) married Justin Lyman

Alison Winrow (2005) got married

Angela Wright (2005) is engaged

Carmel Gaillard is Head of ‘Knowledge
Development & Exchange with REPSSI (well-being of children)

Brendan Gabriel is the ‘Key Creative’ at Endemol TV Production Company

Ron & Bev Ball are the proud grandparents of another grandson and a granddaughter

Michael & Laura Selheim (nee Payne) (both from Cornel) are the proud parents of a daughter.

Tim & Teri Fry (nee Kopack) are also first –time proud parents

Please keep the news coming, we love to hear from all of you. Check out the website where some of this wonderful news can be seen.
We hope you have a blessed and merry Christmas and a New Year filled with success, happiness and love!

Very best wishes and lots of love
Foreign Director