Rhys Jonathan Naicker


Cornerstone Institute-Arts in Psychology

My name is Rhys Naicker and I am from Cape Town, South Africa. I have traveled my whole life and in total been to 7 different schools as a student! I studied psychology at Cornerstone University as well as focused on gaining knowledge as to how to teach English as a Second Language. I am a very outgoing person and like to engage with different people to understand their worldviews. 

My teaching style is one of high enthusiasm. I believe that children mirror what they see from the teacher and if the teacher shows no interest in the subject they teach then the children will copy that and the result will be poor. With high interest and energy, a teacher can make a boring topic interesting and this plays a vital role in the learning process. I try to incorporate as many visual aids in teaching as possible to help captivate the students. Generally, I enjoy teaching science as many students consider it boring but there are many fun and interesting experiments to encourage interest in the sciences.

I enjoy music, online gaming and 99% of sports. I enjoy watching any sport but I play golf and cricket. When I come to Taiwan the thing I look forward to is the local cuisine and culture. 

I look forward to meeting you all!