Rachael Beyer


University of Minnesota-Master’s degree in Elementary Education

Hi! My name is Rachael Beyer. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. I am so excited to join Cornel! I will be a teacher at the ShangAn campus. I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Elementary Education at the University of Minnesota and will graduate in May 2023. I am also in the middle of student teaching in a kindergarten class for a whole school year. I am truly loving it! I attended the University of Minnesota for my undergrad where I majored in Elementary Education with minors in Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language. I have always wanted to combine my passions for working with children and travel, so I am thrilled to be doing that this year in Taiwan!

As a teacher, I believe education provides students with the tools and skills to navigate the world as critical thinkers. My goal is to create a fun and positive learning environment where students feel safe taking risks, learning from others, and celebrating each other’s accomplishments. I strive to encourage students to ask questions, share their opinions, and explore their curiosity about the world around them.

Outside of school, I love going on adventures and exploring new places. I enjoy painting, scuba diving, being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and of course traveling. I look forward to exploring Taiwan specifically, going to the night market, experiencing the lantern festival, and celebrating Lunar New Year! I also look forward to traveling to nearby countries as well.

I am looking forward to arriving in Taiwan and meeting my students!