Jane Ru Xia


University of Wisconsin-Madison – Bachelor of Science Education

As a graduate of the class of Fall 2022 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I have student teaching experience in elementary and middle school. Throughout my three-semester student teaching, I had the honor of joining a 5th-grade classroom, a 6th-grade science & social science classroom, and a 7th-grade standard and advanced math classroom. My duties included creating and leading daily lessons, assessing student progress, collaborating with various staff, connecting with students through classroom activities, and regularly communicating with student families.

I embrace collaboration not only among teachers but also students as some of the most valuable learning comes from the sharing and clashing of different ideas. I value growth and learning both in and out of the classroom. During student teaching, I continuously sought to create various

engaging activities such as a proportions Bingo game, an Ancient Egypt pyramid virtual tour, and a balloon planet model. The key is to hold students to high academic expectations while encouraging continuous learning and building upon their problem-solving, creative thinking, communication, and other important soft skills. I actively sought to connect with student

interests and build meaningful relationships; this included joining basketball games, encouraging small business ventures, and finding learning resources for a student interested in visual arts.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion have always been at the forefront of my teaching pedagogy. It is important for me to create an inclusive learning environment where students feel safe making mistakes, learning, and growing as both learners and individuals. I want to foster their curiosity, creativity, and independent thinking. This includes actively learning from and collaborating with other professionals, creating student-centered pedagogy, and encouraging critical thinking and collaboration.

I am truly passionate about teaching and leading students’ development as independent international thinkers both in and out of the classroom. I look forward to exploring new places and cultures and meeting individuals from across the world.

Sincerely, Jane Xia