Ashley Brown


University of KentuckyーElementary Education, International Studies

Greetings!! My name is Ashley Brown and I grew up all over the East Coast in the United States! I have studied and graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a Minor in International Studies. I have also had the opportunity to perfect my teaching practices in the beautiful countries of Costa Rica, Indonesia, and England! It is an absolute thrill and privilege to have the opportunity to teach students at Cornel.

My philosophy of teaching children hosts a classroom where teachers and students explore through inquiry-based learning and collaboration, are supported by parents and teachers working together as a team, and students are engaged in a challenging and inclusive learning environment. As a teacher at Cornel, I am so excited to announce I will be working with Nan Men students!

As an explorer myself, I have made it a priority to pursue my passion of domestic and international travel. I find great delight in adventures such as volcanic trekking, white water rafting, and mountain skiing! I have a big love for music and all things outdoors! I hope that my time in Taiwan will be filled with new friendships and journeys in and around Asia!