Ryan Cooper


Durham College-Mechanical Engineering Technician
International TEFL Certificate

Hello, I am Teacher Ryan! I’m really looking forward to my new class this year. I have been at Cornel for over five years, but I have been teaching English in Taiwan for more than six years now and have loved every minute of it. I spent one year in Kaohsiung, then moved to Taichung in 2016.
I plan on having a fun and exciting year with the class. We will be working with our E-board, which will allow us to do some interactive games, reading and other curriculum related activities. I will use a mix of teaching styles in the classroom. There is a directing style which promotes learning through listening and following directions. The discussing style promotes learning through interaction. Finally, the delegating style promotes learning through empowerment.
On the weekends, I really enjoy getting out of the city and into the mountains. I often hike Dakeng trails and other similar places. I also enjoy seeing new movies at the theater. I love trying new restaurants and coffee shops.