Hickory, North Carolina, USA


Hello! My name is Hannah Cogswell and I am from Hickory, North Carolina. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Elementary Education and a concentration in Sociology. Studying in Australia is what led me to want to teach abroad. Before coming to teach in Taiwan I taught first grade and third grade.

As a teacher I want all of the students to feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and opinions. Differentiation with students’active learning will be used in the classroom through hands-on, critically thinking, and problem solving experiences. In the classroom the students will be using their personalities to create an engaging classroom setting. There is nothing more exciting for a teacher than seeing a student understand and take off running with a learning concept. The classroom will be a learning zone where everyone is welcome.

When I am not in the classroom I like to be outside playing sports, especially volleyball, and going on adventures. I enjoy going hiking and seeing and experiencing new places. Also, I always enjoy a good book, being with friends, and jamming out to music. I am looking forward to visiting all of the different places in Taiwan and immersing myself in its culture.