Melanie Earll


University of Wisconsin- Stevens PointーEarly Childhood Education

Hello! My name is Melanie Earll and I am a teacher at Cornel’s Nan Men campus. I am from Wisconsin in the United States. I studied and graduated from University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point with a degree in Early Childhood Education. I have worked in the classroom setting with children 0-8 years old. I am very excited to teach my class on a beautiful island.

I bring acceptance, creativity, and passion in to my classroom everyday. Since I teach young children I show them how to start the thinking process with producing questions. I encourage my students to make decisions and develop an understanding of how their decisions affect others. It is important for me to enrich social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development in my student’s learning environment. I do this by creating a safe environment where students can be themselves and learn through play.

When I am not in the classroom I love to spend my time outside. I look forward to being close to the many scenic views that Taiwan provides as well as the country’s surrounding. When I’m not out exploring I enjoy reading!