Rochester, Minnesota, USA


Hello! My name is Kristin Walker and I am ateacher at Cornel School. I am originally from Rochester, Minnesota, but have lived in three different states and various cities across the United States of America. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to become a teacher because I loved going to school and I loved working with kids. I wanted to create a classroom environment where all kids love coming to school. I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington with a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in English and language arts.

While going to college I taught for two months in Katutura, Namibia teaching grade 5 and after school programming. I loved teaching in a different country and knew that I wanted to do it again in the future! After graduation, I worked for a year at the Iowa Children’s Museum as an educator. At the museum I helped develop programming and taught camps, outreaches, and after school programs. I have also taught grade 5, grade 1-3 Montessori, grade 4, grade 3, and grade 2. Additionally, I have worked as a tutor. There are several goals that I want to accomplish as a teacher. The first goal is to have every learner feel successful and confident in their abilities. Another goal that I want to accomplish is to help foster curiosity and turn all students into lifelong learners. To accomplish these goals, I like to incorporate art, music, science, and hands-on activities to have fun while learning.

Outside of teaching I enjoy reading, writing, traveling, crafting, swimming, and hiking. I have eclectic reading tastes and enjoy giving and receiving book recommendations. I have been to five continents and love exploring new places. I look forward to exploring beautiful Taiwan!