Jackson Farley


University of MissouriーElementary Education with an additional certification in Early Childhood Education

Hello! My name is Jackson Farley and I am a teacher at Cornel’s Nan Men campus, and I am so excited to live in Taiwan! I am moving overseas from Kansas City, Missouri. However, I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri where my family currently resides. I graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with an additional certification in Early Childhood Education. I just finished up my first year teaching in Kansas City!

I had the incredible opportunity to travel to four different countries during college, one of which was a teaching abroad program in Bangalore, India. It was on this trip that I realized my love for traveling and my desire to become an international educator.

In this classroom, my most important goal is that my students feel loved, cared for, comfortable, safe and excited to be learning with our classroom family. I want my classroom to be a place students want to come on a daily basis — a place where learning is exciting and engaging. I try to incorporate a lot of hands-on activities, learning games and topics that cater to my students’ interests. I want every student to feel special, unique, respected and valued for their talents, skills and abilities within the classroom.

I am thrilled to begin my next adventure in Taichung! When I’m not at school, I plan to explore the city, try lots of exciting new foods and travel around to different cities in Taiwan as well as other countries! I love to meet new people from all different cultures, so I know that this experience will be the best opportunity ever!

If you’re ever near the Nan Men campus, don’t be a stranger — come say hello!