Ontario, Canada


Greetings and Salutations. My name is Daniel, and I am a teacher. I’vebeen teaching since 2005 when by a great stroke of luck, my career as a graphic designer didn’t turn out as rewarding or artistic as I was promised. Looking for a new path in life, I found an article in a newspaper that said “Teach English overseas!” Thinking to myself that I’ve always wanted to see the world, I called the phone number, took a summer course, and within a couple of months found myself in Taiwan. I immediately fell in love with teaching. It was rewarding and fun, and I felt like I was making a positive impact on the people I worked with.

I liked the profession so much that I returned to university to get a degree in English (and art) and my teacher’s certification. It is my hope that I can teach for many years to come, and improve the lives of my students and those of the communities we live in.

Over the past decade I have taught in almost every type of school from kindergarten to adult education with students from 3 to 65+ years old and found each position rewarding for different reasons. With younger children I love the vibrant energy they bring to the classroom, and the enthusiasm they use to investigate the new things they discover as they learn. It is with this in mind that I base my principals and goals for education. It is my job as an educator to not just teach a subject, but to impart a desire for the students to want to teach themselves, and to give them the skills to do so. In Xiao Ban class, our children are just beginning this process and I look very forward to helping them discover the world around them and helping them to grow not just in their range of knowledge but also their ability to express themselves as well.

Outside of teaching, I love to travel and explore the wild parts of the world. I frequently go hiking in the trails and mountains around Taiwan where some of the most beautiful scenery and amazing waterfalls can be found. I also enjoy jogging, soccer, painting and reading in my free time. Feel free to talk to me any time if you have any questions. My door is always open.