A survivor on Wall Street.

It is bitterly cold outside in Manhattan, but I feel very warm in my heart sitting in Kang’s small apartment. It is such a great feeling to be able to spend a few days with Kang who we love dearly and miss badly.

Last week when we heard about Kang’s promotion at work and a handsome bonus, Shyi-Dong and I felt greatly relieved and indeed thrilled.

When the economic crisis hit the world, Kang was right at the center of it. What we heard in the news was how many people were laid off at Wall St every day and how bad the place was. However, it seemed that Kang was fortunate to be immune to it. I still remember the night when I heard Kang’s excited voice on the phone a few months ago. He told us that he had set a record for his company and later that week we received his letter which made me feel like crying. In the letter he told us that he was so proud of himself to be up in the forefront of the world economic crisis and that he will be one of a few people who can tell his grandchildren that he overcame the challenges.

I remember when he started his work at Wall St. two years ago, part of me felt so proud of him, but part of me felt so nervous. Certainly it was great that he got an offer from the world’s top financial company as a young newly graduated foreign student, but it was nerve racking to hear what he had to do at his job. There were times when we heard him talking worriedly about the difficulties at work, and we were frustrated because there was not much we could do to help. The only thing we could do was listen and show support.

Before everything fell into place, the world economic storm hit America hard and Wall St. was the worst place to be. Most of our friends worried about Kang’s situation but tried not to touch upon this issue in front of us. Some thought he probably was already finished due to the crisis. I remember the surprised faces I saw when they heard that Kang not only survived but thrived in the storm.

While I am writing this article, the stereo in Kang’s apartment is playing the song ‘What a wonderful world’. I can’t help but thank the Lord for the wonders he made in Kang’s life. Kang is blessed to be a survivor in the storm and I hope that he will remember how he fought and survived on Wall Street. After going through such a harsh storm, I am sure that he will treasure everything in his life.

Bih-Hua Chen
Feb. 6, 2009