Ontario, Canada


Hello! My name is Krista Lamovsek and I am Foreign Director at Cornel’s ShangAn campus. After teaching at Cornel for two years, I accepted an administrative position where I am happily managing a great group of foreign teachers! I am from Mississauga, Canada and I graduated from University of Guelph with an Honors Bachelor degree in Women’s Studies and Family and Child Studies. After graduating, I spent one year working and backpacking through South-East Asia before going back to school. I continued my education at Queens University where I received my Bachelor of Education in Primary and Junior Divisions.

For me, teaching continues to be an incredible journey. Throughout my whole life I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I have spent a lot of time working with children in summer sports and day camps, through tutoring jobs, and multiple teaching positions. Before coming to Taiwan, I also gained a lot of valuable teaching experience in kindergarten and a variety of elementary grades. In addition, I had an amazing teaching opportunity in Guatemala. Before switching to the administrative staff, I taught Grades 2 and 4 at Cornel for two years. While teaching, I always strive to motivate and challenge my students through an enthusiastic manner. My focus is to help students have fun in the classroom, while learning and growing as confident individuals.

My dream in life was always to teach abroad. It has allowed me to do two things I love: teach and travel! Choosing Cornel School in Taiwan was one of the best decisions of my life. And now I am continuing on to my fourth year and could not be happier about it and with the life I made for myself in Taichung. Along with my love for traveling, I am also passionate about sports and the outdoors. It has been a pleasure getting to explore the beauties of Taiwan! Also the food! I love cooking and trying special foods while visiting a new country. During my spare time, I regularly practice yoga and I love to read. I also enjoy getting creative through different methods of art such as painting, print making, and photography.

In my teaching, I use my passion for art and physical activities to design creative and engaging lessons to meet the needs of all my students. I want the best for my students, and now as an administrator, I want the best for my teachers. I do this by maintaining a positive, caring, and exciting classroom and workplace environment. I am very patient and caring, and I treat both my students and my teachers with respect. At Cornel, we have amazing, qualified teachers who put a lot of hard work into helping students excel. Please feel free to come by the ShangAn campus anytime to visit me or any of the Cornel teachers. We would be happy to meet and get to know you, as well as answer any questions or comments you may have! 🙂