Lawrence, Kansas, USA


Hi everybody! I am Eli Sturn and I am an English teacher at Cornel English School. I originally come from the very small town (only 2,000 people!) of Ellinwood, Kansas in the United States. I attended the University of Kansas and hold a degree in Unified Early Childhood Education. This focuses on educating children from birth to Grade 3, with additional emphasis on Special Education.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have taught in classrooms at several grade levels in the States. My primary focus has been with young learners preparing to enter a grade school environment for the first time. However, I have also taught in Grade 1 and 2 classrooms, and have worked with students all the way up to Grade 6 in afterschool programs.

While helping students to grow as learners has always been a rewarding experience, I love the day to day moments where you can see a student light up as an idea finally comes into their head; when they understand something new or recall something once forgotten. My goal is for my students to feel confident in their abilities and to not be afraid of making mistakes. I try to create a classroom where students feel safe to try new ideas as they learn.

When I am not in the classroom I love being outdoors. Going for long runs or exploring the city are things I have really enjoyed while living in Taichung. I also keep myself busy reading and playing guitar, as well as a few other instruments. These can keep me entertained for hours, and I am always searching for the next great book or catchy song. If you are ever at the school and want to introduce yourself, please feel free to stop by my classroom. It is always great to meet new people!