Cornel school Collaborative Observation and Teaching

We are excited to announce that T. Brittany, our Foreign Director at Cornel International School, will be making regular visits to classes in grades 4 and 5 to participate in their daily curriculum. This initiative brings several benefits:

Firstly, her involvement significantly enlightens the learning atmosphere in each class, inspiring students’ enthusiasm and participation, with the hope of improving our students’ MAP-Reading performances. She will also meet with these teachers beforehand to assist them in planning their guided reading lessons, teaching them how to use the reading data from MAPs and our newly purchased leveled guided reading materials to make the instruction more individualized for students. This approach provides a tailored learning experience.

Secondly, T. Brittany will conduct on both observation and model teaching of our foreign teachers. This not only fosters mutual understanding among teachers but also provides a platform for them to demonstrate and share best teaching practices.