How I Learn English in Taiwan

David Chen   2008/10/8

As my parents think English is an important tool to communicate with the people around the world, they had paid for me to learn English at the Cornel English School since I was three years old. The Cornel English School is located in Taichung , Taiwan and is well known for its English education. At the Cornel English School , students are only allowed to speak English, which makes good environment to learn English. All the teachers are qualified teachers from the United States of America , Canada , or South Africa . The teaching materials used at the Cornel English School are same as the materials used in elementary school of United States of America . Learning English at the Cornel English School makes me easier to study in Clague Middle School .

When I first step into the class of the Cornel English School , I could not even understand a word the teachers said. Even though, we were not allowed to speak Chinese. After following this rule for few months, we could gradually understand and communicate with the teachers using easy vocabularies. The activities and games the teacher uses made me slowly into the world of English. After I graduated from Cornel English School ?s kindergarten, I started learning Chinese from a public school elementary school, Kuo-Kuang Elementary School , which is also located in Taichung , Taiwan . Even though it is very difficult to learn Chinese and English at the same period of time, my parents still decided to let me learn English at the Cornel English School after school, although we only have three lessons a week. During the two hour class every lesson, we read stories, write stories, play act, and write essays. The teacher uses fun activities and games to teach, which made me enjoy learning English. I learned from the first alphabet letters to easy vocabularies, from short sentences to a complete essay, my English improved everyday. Although the lessons become harder and harder, the time for English learning becomes shorter and shorter, I kept on learning English at the Cornel English School after my Chinese school.

After learning English in Taiwan for nine years, I am very delighted to have a chance to learn at the Clague middle School and are able to adapt the schooling here in a few weeks even though this is the first time to study at the United States of America. I would like to thank all the teachers who have taught me. Every teacher has their own special skills, ways to teach, and different characteristic. One of the best teachers who have ever taught me, Teacher Alisha has a unique way of teaching. She uses fascinating activities to help me learn English without pressure and made me enjoy learning English. I hope I can contact her with her E-mail to say how thankful I am, and tell her I am in United States of America now. I would also like to ask her how she is doing now.

I will learn very hard to improve my English this year in the United States . I hope I can keep learning English when I go back to Taiwan in June next year. English is a very important language to me because it is an international language. Using English, I am able to travel around the world, and learn different knowledge from different countries.