Letters of thanks from parents-Angel

16 years ago, we were the strongest administrative and teaching team at Cornel Huizhong Campus, creating many wonderful memories for the Cornel children and building deep friendships with each other. In 2008, we promised to return to Taiwan ten years later, but after returning to their home countries, the foreign teachers became busy with their work and families. The outbreak of COVID-19 three years ago disrupted all plans. During this business trip, we specially arranged a reunion, and everyone overcame difficulties and traveled long distances to fulfill this rare gathering promise.

16 years later, we gathered together after a long separation, as if time had turned back, and everyone seemed to return to those days when we worked together. Amid laughter and joy, each person’s eyes sparkled with excitement and nostalgia. We shared our experiences over the years; some talked about changes in their families, others about career developments, and still, others reminisced about the fun moments of working together back then, resonating in everyone’s hearts as if it all happened yesterday.

This reunion is undoubtedly a precious memory in everyone’s heart. Each teacher left with a heart full of emotions and reluctance, knowing that this friendship will always remain in their hearts, becoming one of the most beautiful memories of their lives. This gathering not only allowed everyone to relive the good old days but also made them cherish the present even more, looking forward to the next reunion. We look forward to the day in the future when we can gather again! Better Together!

During this business trip to the United States, my husband and I took our two children, who graduated from different stages this year. Joanne and Alvin grew up at Cornel, and the solid English foundation at Cornel made Joanne very interested and confident in English. In junior high school, she found learning much easier and effortlessly achieved A++. As parents, we felt very reassured. We were even more gratified to see them communicate fluently with foreign clients during this business trip. Alvin even competed with foreign clients in the local famous game Cornhole, earning everyone’s admiration and jokingly being asked to stay and join their company’s sports team. Taking them on this business trip allowed me to understand why parents are always happy to share their joy and pride in taking their children abroad.
It was truly worth it!