Columbia, Missouri, USA


Hello! My name is Cassie Ashbaugh and I am a new teacher at Cornel’s Nan Men Campus. I am from Columbia, Missouri and graduated from University of Columbia Missouri where I received my degree in elementary education. I have worked in preschool, and grades two, three and four. I am very excited to be with my class this year! My husband and I are thrilled to be here in Taiwan because it gives us the opportunity to learn and travel while teaching!

When I was in school I loved my grade two teacher because she made every school day an adventure. I looked forward to going to school each day to see what she had planned for us. I want that same feeling for my students. In our classroom the students will be engaging hands on with the material, thinking critically, solving problems, creating solutions, and interacting with their peers. Learning takes place when students are given the opportunity to explore and this will be evident in our classroom.

I myself am a learner and when I am not in the classroom I am out exploring! No matter where I am I enjoy trying new things, especially food! I love to be outside and look forward to taking hikes in the mountains and going to the ocean. This year my goal is to visit two more countries and learn to scuba dive!