Cornel & Me
─ By Manny

I remember the first time I came to Cornel. The teachers were very nice. When we have any problems, our teacher will help us. I have lots of fun memories of Cornel. Every time I go to Cornel, I will learn more, and my English becomes better.At Cornel, I like the Library very much, because it has a lot of interesting books, and you can find some information at the library. I like the library at Cornel because I can find the book that suits my grade. But sometimes, I will like to read more difficult books.

At Cornel, my writing gets better and better every day, because the teachers will have us write many stories, so that’s the reason why my writing is getting better and better.

In the class, teachers teach us in many fun ways. They teach us phonics, and grammar, I like phonics very much. I can learn how to spell better with phonics. I am thankful to Cornel, because I know how to use the English dictionary, and my grammar in writing doesn’t have too many mistakes. I learn  a lot of words every week at Cornel. I use these words in my writing, these words also help me when I am explaining some things.

I learned at Cornel for a long time, and I know how to use English in the right way. But sometimes I feel tired too, then, I know that I need to work harder, so I won’t be  too tired in class. If I don’t work harder in the class, I won’t understand what the teacher is saying during the class.

Last, I am very thankful to my teachers that teach me. I am also very thankful to Principal Bih-Hua. She helps me a lot too! Every time, if I have problems in English, she helps me! Now I can use English properly, and very well. I have had a happy six years at Cornel, I like Cornel very much!